Scope 1.0 API

org.scopemvc.controller.basic An implementation of Controller that responds to Controls issued by its View in response to user interaction, or from child Controllers as a result of the hierarchical chain of responsiblity (see HMVC: The layered pattern for developing strong client tiers for a general discussion of this pattern ).
org.scopemvc.controller.servlet A servlet implementation that provides a simple implementation of the HMVC pattern for HTTP request handling.
org.scopemvc.core The core package establishes the fundamental patterns for the MVC implementation in Scope through the definition of a limited set of interfaces and classes.
org.scopemvc.model.basic This package provides BasicModel, a simple implementation of the ModelChangeEventSource interface, with a ModelChangeEvent infrastructure based around synchronous event despatch similar to the JavaBeans PropertyChangeSupport strategy.
org.scopemvc.model.collection Collection implementations that implement ModelChangeEventSource to properly propagate ModelChangeEvent notification from submodels in a collection.
org.scopemvc.util Utility classes that include two main areas of interest to application developers: ScopeConfig for configuring the Scope framework, and UIStrings used to look up user-readable Strings from localised resources.
org.scopemvc.util.convertor This package contains an extensible mechanism used to convert arbitrary types to and from a String representation.
org.scopemvc.view.servlet Contains ServletView, a "container" used to hold a set of Pages that a Controller in a web application manages.
org.scopemvc.view.swing A set of wrappers around standard Swing components that implement binding to model objects either semi-automatically if no ModelChangeEvent firing is done by the model objects (see BasicModel) or automatically for model objects that implement event firing.


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