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Packages that use ModelChangeListener
org.scopemvc.core The core package establishes the fundamental patterns for the MVC implementation in Scope through the definition of a limited set of interfaces and classes. 
org.scopemvc.model.basic This package provides BasicModel, a simple implementation of the ModelChangeEventSource interface, with a ModelChangeEvent infrastructure based around synchronous event despatch similar to the JavaBeans PropertyChangeSupport strategy. 
org.scopemvc.model.collection Collection implementations that implement ModelChangeEventSource to properly propagate ModelChangeEvent notification from submodels in a collection. 
org.scopemvc.view.swing A set of wrappers around standard Swing components that implement binding to model objects either semi-automatically if no ModelChangeEvent firing is done by the model objects (see BasicModel) or automatically for model objects that implement event firing. 

Uses of ModelChangeListener in org.scopemvc.core

Subinterfaces of ModelChangeListener in org.scopemvc.core
 interface ModelChangeEventSource
           Implemented by model objects that fire ModelChangeEvents when their state changes: an implementation of the Observer Pattern.

Uses of ModelChangeListener in org.scopemvc.model.basic

Classes in org.scopemvc.model.basic that implement ModelChangeListener
 class BasicModel
           A simple implementation of ModelChangeEventSource for use as a base class.

Uses of ModelChangeListener in org.scopemvc.model.collection

Classes in org.scopemvc.model.collection that implement ModelChangeListener
 class ArrayModel
           A BasicModel wrapper for an Object[] that can propagate changes to contained Models up the Model hierarchy, and implements the java.util.List interface.
 class ListModel
           A BasicModel wrapper for an List that can propagate changes to contained Models up the Model hierarchy.
 class ListModelAdaptor
           Used to present a list of ListModelSources as an active BasicModel.
 class SetModel
           A BasicModel wrapper for an Set that can propagate changes to contained Models up the Model hierarchy.

Uses of ModelChangeListener in org.scopemvc.view.swing

Classes in org.scopemvc.view.swing that implement ModelChangeListener
 class SAbstractListModel
           A javax.swing.AbstractListModel bound to a property of a model used by SList, SComboBox, STable.
 class SComboBoxModel
 class SListModel
           A concrete SAbstractListModel for SList to use.
 class STableModel
 class SwingBoundModel
           An ActiveBoundModel that forces updates to the parent View onto the AWTEvent thread because Swing isn't thread-safe.

Uses of ModelChangeListener in org.scopemvc.view.util

Classes in org.scopemvc.view.util that implement ModelChangeListener
 class ActiveBoundModel
           A BoundModel that handles ModelChangeEvents and provides full two-way data-binding between a View and its bound model property.

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