Uses of Interface

Packages that use PoolableObjectFactory
org.scopemvc.controller.servlet A servlet implementation that provides a simple implementation of the HMVC pattern for HTTP request handling. 
org.scopemvc.util Utility classes that include two main areas of interest to application developers: ScopeConfig for configuring the Scope framework, and UIStrings used to look up user-readable Strings from localised resources. 

Uses of PoolableObjectFactory in org.scopemvc.controller.servlet

Classes in org.scopemvc.controller.servlet that implement PoolableObjectFactory
protected  class ScopeServlet.SharedControllerFactory

Uses of PoolableObjectFactory in org.scopemvc.util

Classes in org.scopemvc.util that implement PoolableObjectFactory
 class BasicPoolableObjectFactory
          Creates pooleable instances of a specific class.

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