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Packages that use StringConvertor
org.scopemvc.util.convertor This package contains an extensible mechanism used to convert arbitrary types to and from a String representation. 

Uses of StringConvertor in org.scopemvc.util.convertor

Classes in org.scopemvc.util.convertor that implement StringConvertor
 class BigDecimalStringConvertor
          String convertor for type BigDecimal.
 class BigIntegerStringConvertor
          String convertor for type BigInteger.
 class BooleanStringConvertor
          String convertor for type java.util.Date.
 class DateStringConvertor
          String convertor for type java.util.Date.
 class DateTimeStringConvertor
          String convertor for type DateTime or java.util.Date .
 class DoubleStringConvertor
          String convertor for type java.lang.Double.
 class FloatStringConvertor
          String convertor for type java.lang.Float.
 class IntegerStringConvertor
          String convertor for type java.lang.Integer.
 class LongStringConvertor
          String convertor for type java.lang.Long.
 class NullStringConvertor
           Abstract base class for StringConvertors that recognise a presetn String value to represent null.
 class NumberStringConvertor
          Abstract base class for numeric StringConvertors.
 class StringStringConvertor
          String convertor for type java.lang.String.
 class TimeStringConvertor
          String convertor for type Time or java.util.Date .

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