Scope is delivered with a scope-dt.jar file containing the BeanInfos for the Scope components.

You need to tell your IDE to use the Scope components defined in scope-bin.jar and to get their beaninfos from scope-dt.jar.

Please refer to your IDE documentation for how to install new Swing components.


For JBuilder 4 and better, do the following:

  • Define a Scope library containing scope-bin.jar and scope-dt.jar in its classpath
  • Go to the Tools menu, select 'Configure palette...'
  • Add a new page called ScopeMVC
  • Select the 'Add Components' tab
  • Select ScopeMVC in the palette page, and Scope as the library
  • Press the Install button
  • Browse the tree and go to the org.scopemvc.view.swing package
  • Select all classes that have a corresponding BeanInfo class (for example, select the SButton class because there is a SButtonBeanInfo class)
  • Press OK