Who Are We?

Special credit goes to Steve Meyfroidt who started the original project.

All contributions are welcome, and may be discussed and posted on the mailing lists. The final decision of what becomes part of the official distribution is made by a group of Committers.


  • Daniel Michalik - Made numerous additions to the Swing implementation, rewrote the StringConvertors, adding the "FileFind" sample among other activities.
  • Steve Jones - Bug fixes, lots of suggestions, the Timesheet sample.
  • Simon Harris - Lots of bug fixes and the object pooling mechanism.
  • Alex Roytman - Bug reports and suggestions, as well as the ListModel adapter code.
  • Markus Schmidt - Bug reports and feedback in the early days.
  • Kevin Rector - Began the Timewarp code generator
  • Beat Glattfelder
  • Dania Kodeih
  • Andrei Lenkei
  • Rob Newsome